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Professional and Experienced Team of Enthusiastic Graphic Designers ready to take on any challenge any time. Open to all and every size always with a smile. 🙂 

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Want to know about us?

Then shall we go for a short online date? 😉

Pel Maestro is a company and a company is made of various people coming together, syncing together and bringing their uniqueness to the front, we are a small company with permanent and temporary staff knocking heads. So, it is going to be a group date.

So, let’s start with the basics.

We’ll first go ahead.

Date time

Hey! Hi!

Oh, I’m so nervous.

Before I start may I say you’re a beautiful person? Not appearance-wise cause I can’t really see you. But as a person.

Don’t get me wrong thinking I’m just saying. But you are beautiful from inside. You are taking your precious time to find out about us before you associates. It proves that you care for your wellbeing. And nothing is as sexy as self-care. At least, we believe that in here.

Self-love is the first step towards loving other people, loving your work, loving the environment or loving to be successful. You are an awesome sauce!

Now, we.

We are known as Pel Maestro. And we are a graphic design company. We do graphic works. Like making a logo, designing banners, creating beautiful cards and so on. You can see what we do. Just click here. But do that later. First, let’s finish our date.

Our aim is to make business is easy for other people. We take on the work of graphic designs needed for their businesses from branding to marketing.

Why we do that you ask?

Well, cause we love beautiful things. We love color, we love textures, we love when things glitter and shine and seem good. We love to bring our (and your imagination) to pixels. (Trust us most of our people sucks at freehand drawing but they are great with tools but also most of them are not designers).

And also it seemed to pay well when we started. Now, it has become our life (line).

We like to work with everyone and anyone.

We love to meet new expectations. If you see our service list you will notice that we have programs for big companies as well as small companies. Also, we work with individuals to meet their personal needs. Like resume or designing a custom wedding invitation for their big day! Yay!!!!

And we are different from others.

The most cringe-worthy line ever. Be it in any date or business. This statement is sure to make you feel awkward.

Let’s be honest. No, we are not that different. Basically, we all do the same thing. Logo, business cards, ads, etc.

That is what graphic design is about. We are not providing you any new or different service or product. But what we do is we do it in our own style. And people have liked us for that.

As said before we love beautiful things. We have a knack for art and we know the market is competitive. Business needs multiple-in-one. Only thus it is possible for them to survive. We help them in their survival test. They also need a break.

When we create a design for us or our customer we research the market first. We look into the trends and norms and try to find out what will make people turn their eyes.

We talk to our client a lot. So that we know what that person is thinking. How they are trying to put their hard-worked service to the world. We talk and talk, and do and redo until satisfaction comes from both sides.

Thus a graphical art is created in the studio by the masters of the trait.

That is how we do it. We put our hearts and thinking.

Let us stop here or as said we will keep on blabbering to the end of the world.

Now tell us about yourself. What do you like? Pink of black? What is your favorite ice cream? Is it cookie dough and chocolate chips? What is your favorite season?

What are your dreams in life? Let us know. Our ears are always open.

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Do you want to know what we have to say?

What do we say in our mission slogan?

We say.

Pel Maestro put their skills learned through experience and the newest market trend earned by research to provide graphic design services for every company and individual to satisfy their customer base or just eyes.

Come meet us up close

Every one of our team members is devoted to delivering the finest possible designs.

Abdul Karim Nizam

Founder and CEO

Aakiva Raza, Co-founder
Akiva Benzomin Raza

Co-Founder and Head of Marketing Strategy

Nurul Alam

Head of Designer Department

Rifat Hossain

Senior Graphic Designer

Shah Jalal Raju

Junior Graphic Designer

Nur Uddin Milon

Junior Graphic designer

Noor Alam Junior Graphic designer
Noor Alam

Junior Graphic designer

Sohanur Rahman Sohag Junior Graphic designer
Sohanur Rahman Sohag

Junior Graphic Designer

Jahid Hassan

Supporting Staff

Let us have all your worries of graphic designs and you focus on what else matters.

Let’s get kicking