best ways to deal with stress for graphic designers

All the best ways to deal with stress for graphic designers

Want to know the best ways to deal with stress for graphic designers?

Becoming a graphic designer is one of the most exciting jobs in the world at least according to me. It is a job where creativity meets intelligence, someone smart said it before but can’t remember the name now.

Anyways I just love the line. It represents the whole thing so precisely. Just like a good design.

However, there are times in our lives when the things we enjoy become boring and stressful for us. A monotonous life can never bring joy. It’s fine to feel bored and upset with life sometimes.

A designer or freelancer or any person can feel it. It’s healthy and no need to judge yourself.

You just need to bring change and excitement from time to time. So here I am to share some life-changing tips with my comrades. Shall we begin?

Best ways to deal with stress for graphic designers. It can be double up for any type of freelancer.

A designer has clients to deal with, everyday new nearing deadlines, pilling up challenging projects and an ongoing day to day life. None of them helps with mental health. All you can do is to use some tactics to deal with the stress

Tips to overcome stress for a graphic designer doubled as a freelancer

1. Understand your clients.

You are no better than your clients do you know that?

Yes, clients do ask horribly silly questions. They have a rather awkward query and they come off as straight down entitle rude buttocks but darling try to understand that they are giving you their hard-earned money so they are definitely part scared, part confused, part excited and part everything.

For them, graphic design work may be is quantum physics (though it is not that hard of a subject) but yeah. They may not know anything about it or how you work.

Same goes for everyone. What I don’t know will be scarier and of course, will try to know more by asking more even if it is just silly.

So be thoughtful. You, be the upper one here, the one with the bigger heart. It will save you the burn. Lend them a hand.

ways to deal with stress for graphic designers
Lend a hand of help
2. Figure out if there is anything particular that’s stressing you in your work and if it is regular.

You must have heard another popular quote said by another wise person, “When a problem is known, solving it becomes easier.”

Not only as a designer but also as a person in the workforce of any kind of freelancing, you need to create enough time in your schedule to think about your work and figure out what’s making you stressed.

Perhaps, the long hours in front of the computer? Maybe spending too much time working on projects. Continuous workload. All of these can be the reason behind your stress.

The individual causes of stress vary widely – you need to pinpoint the cause of your life, and make adjustments to help you overcome it.

Pointing the sources will help you with avoiding the stress.


3. Customized Project Management system that perfectly works for you.
best ways to deal with stress for graphic designers
best ways to deal with stress for graphic designers

Recently, Dan Howard described his new method of organizing his projects and to-do by using a giant glass wall and a whole lot of sticky notes. That works for him.

Maybe you prefer to use high-tech software rather than sticky-notes on the wall, fine go ahead. It can also be a pad, and paper, or your iPhone or iPad. It doesn’t matter. Finding your preferred method is the key to peaceful project management.

When you see what you have to do, what is done, where are you going and what is left you will find it easy to deal with and eventually overcome stress.


4. Do things by the clock.
best ways to deal with stress for graphic designers
Use time wisely

Doing things without watching at the clock is an easy way to accumulate stress. Try to schedule your working hours and as much as possible don’t derail from them unless there is something urgent you must attend to.

Working around the clock may sound as though you’ll produce results, but in reality, you may find that if you spend so much time designing, you may not produce anything meaningful. And my friend this theory is learned by experience.

The same goes for any kind of work. Long hours make you more disorganized. If you want to go to work well and are ready for productivity, set your hours and stick to them. Not piling up work surely relieves you from work stress.

The best way to deal with stress for graphic designers is obviously by having less work piled up.


5. Share your work. Meaning outsource projects that are just too stressful.

Outsourcing is not well-accepted in many market places but I support this. It not only makes you stress-free and gives you the time to use it somewhere else for more productivity it can also help out other freelancers.

It makes you much less stressful. Managing projects instead of taking on the project head-on gives you a bigger scope of improvement in the field. Try working with other designers, coders, programmers, etc. to tackle your most stressful projects.


6. Nothing beats a good sleep

I love my bed the most in the world, who doesn’t?! Sleep is the best way of escaping the stress of any sort.

Good sleeping habits are always encouraged. Sleep is much needed for a healthy body and mind. It gives you the stop time to recharge your gears up. This is much for higher performance and a happy life.

Research has shown a proper cycle of awake time and sleep time makes the brain active and alert. You will see that previously spending one hour on a project after a good sleep can be worth more than 2 hours without adequate sleep.

best ways to deal with stress for graphic designers
Sleep like a baby
7. Prepare your mistakes and avoid them

What ticks you off right away? For me, it is repeating the mistakes that I have once done and ironically have solved before. I mean what is my brain thinking while repeating the same trial? So frustrating!!!

Try as much as possible not to rerun the wheel. Try to point out your most common mistakes. Provide yourself with an instruction to rectify them. Also, you can compile a list of possible mistakes and save your time in the future and help you to deal with stress.


8. Man up and ask for help!

Yes. It is cool and strong to ask for help. It is smart to know your limits and ways to come over them.

Human beings are created with limits. If you think you are a flawless whole package of wonder than you are up for a big blow. Right in the guts.

Also, it is damn stupidity to waste time and effort on something that can be solved by asking others or paying others.

Do not waste your time. Hustle harder and smarter, avoid stress.


9. You are done for if your projects become a burden on you.

The moment your work is no longer duties but the burden you cannot make them joyous again our brain and body don’t work like that.

Hard work is good but put a limit at the right point. When you know you’ve reached your limit stop taking new orders. Don’t make yourself run after a deadline all the time.

Get some honesty in yourself and face clients. Do not take on any orders just because you are offered.

best ways to deal with stress for graphic designers
Meditation & exercise boost mental health
10. Meditation!

Pretty sure you’ve heard about it. Many make a hype out of it. Well truly to say it works. As long as you make it work.

Meditation doesn’t have to be meticulous with scented candles, in nature, blah, blah, blah…. Whatever the beauty gurus and yoga masters say.

I prefer my meditation just to be me. In my room (yes in my 13 storied high 10×13 feet room) alone, lights switched off and focusing on my life. Counting out the problems, arranging them according to necessary and finding a logical solution. Most of the time more than half of them I find out they are not even real problems! How ridiculous!!

They are just products of my excess thinking. That is why reflection is important. And when you meditate look at what makes you happy. React to those moments again or visualize your goals. You will smile.


11. Leave that damn computer alone!

I know. I felt that too. I’ll be DOOMED if I live my computer!! It is not true. Trust me. I have seen it. My seniors have seen it too.

Stepping away from our technology life does not kill us but it brings more power to motivate us. Even if you don’t take a lot of time off every month or year to get away, you should dedicate time each day to doing something besides being on the computer.

Do anything (nothing illegal, illogical or immoral) except working or marketing or anything that has to do with your work. Stay away from gadgets even if it is for a few hours. Breathe the fresh air, will you?!


12. Laughter Therapy!

“A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.”

Someone once said laughter is the remedy to all ailment. It releases hormones that revitalize you. Also, what are you working for? A happy life. A happy being is defined by his laughter and smiles.

So be extremely resourceful with the thing that will bring a curve to your face. Spend time, money, energy and anything possible to get a good laugh.


13. Perfectionism is a blessing and a curse

Strive for perfection in work is extremely valuable. It makes you successful. But there is a time when you need to learn to let go off especially small details that matters to you as only you would be able to pinpoint them. In reality, your customer or their consumer will hardly be able to find out.

True. What expert’s eyes can see others can’t. Also letting go of minor details is not harmful. Taking time to make decisions will exhaust you. In the long run, you will suffer and end up ruining all.

Then again there is something in the world that we can’ control. A disaster or sickness for example. Don’t let them make you suffer. You have no power over it anyways.

Don’t let yourself give you more stress.


14. Live with family and friends more.

Living under the same roof does not mean living together so is having 3 meals a day. These things got nothing to do it feeling accompanied. You can stay miles away and still be close to someone. How?

By having a good heartfelt conversation. Listening to them and by telling them. Get involved in each other’s life (obviously keeping the limits). Go out if possible. Nah! Surely go out. In nature. Once a month. You will begin to love your life and also get new inspiration.

A nice company can help to get rid of stress.

best ways to deal with stress for graphic designers
Spend time with family & friends
15. Meet up with other fellow graphic designers

As I’m writing this article I received a phone call. It was a marketing call as I have recently bought a few domains and they were marketing their graphic design and web development service.

With much patience and interest, I listened to everything they had to say. Keeping the phone down saying I have my own firm could have save my time. But I listened & even asked questions mostly nothing related to the work.

I asked where their office is if they have branches or not. I figured out they are a US-based company and they belong to my hometown!!! When I revealed to her that we bo0lng to the same town we immediately become phone buddies. How odd that is to find someone from the same city working in the same field but by a marketing phone call!!

We talked a bit more and then she offered me a collaboration with them. What!!! We are currently talking about it.

Not only this I try to attend all possible meet-ups, conferences, even try to get people together from my community. It has helped me in many ways. I get new ideas, find new solutions and possibilities. Have support and most importantly feel refreshed and inspired to do more from the moment.

My mom used to say neighbors in the neighborhood and colleagues in your field are your biggest and fastest support system. They can reach you in time of need before anyone else.

Work with nature
16. Bring the nature near to you if need.

It always feels great when you in nature, right? Like taking a walk down the park, the beach, climbing mountains or the rain.

So why not work in nature. You can get some nice plants in your working area. Probably get yourself a big window so that you can see the sky and green and even some good fresh air comes in.

Shift your working place for a while and go to a café or park to do some easy work. Anyways make some changes in your working environment. Make it fresher and light up.



Stress is inevitable. There is no way you can permanently delete stress from your system. It is also a sign of a healthy mind. So better buckle up for facing stress and distressing it.

It will keep on coming back towards you. What you can do is be prepared ahead of time so when stress hits you next time you know how to hit back.

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