Checklist For Fire Drill

Forming a vital part of any commercial building’s fire safety measures, fire drills must be carried out on a regular basis in order to identify potential faults and issues with existing evacuation plans.

With a lot of different elements to remember, sometimes it can be useful to have a guide to hand to help your drills to run smoothly and effectively.


  • The fire alarm was clearly heard in all areas.
  • The public address system was clearly heard in all areas.
  • Fire Department was notified.
  • Security was notified.

 Containment Of Fire

  • All doors were closed but not locked.
  • A fire extinguisher was taken to the location of the fire.


  • Team members reported to respective stations.
  • Team members carried out all assigned duties.
  • Elevators were brought to main floor and held.
  • Corridors and exits were found clear of obstructions.
  • The evacuation proceeded in a smooth and orderly manner.
  • Visitors to the building took part in the drill.
  • A status report was given after relocation.


  • Electrical appliance was turned off.
  • Lights were left on.
  • Ventilating system was shut down.

Records And Valuables

  • Important documents/cash, etc

Developed to aid evacuation and significantly reduce the risk of injury or harm in a fire, they involve replicating a real emergency procedure and emulating the processes which would be undertaken should a fire occur. They usually include setting off fire alarms and involve your employees, and any customers, guests or visitors within your premises, evacuating the building.

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