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Checklist For Raise Great Kids

Let’s face it. The world today has a problem: many of our wonderful, adorable, brilliant children are growing up to be assholes. Between struggling with political correctness and dealing with Snapchat, even well-intentioned parents are inadvertently raising insufferable monsters. But there is hope for a new generation that is at least mostly tolerable–and Liz Parkinson is here to show even the most desperate parents how to make sure their kid doesn’t become a jerk.

  • Love and Logic parents remember that parents can’t teach for teachers and teachers can’t parent for parents.
  • Show the same amount of love for your children regardless of their success in school.
  • Expect your children to do their share of the chores at home.
  • Spend some time each day talking with excitement about your work and your day.
  • Take turns reading to each other every day.
  • Have your children teach you something they have learned at school.
  • Encourage your children to do things that “charge their batteries.
  • Provide a time and place for homework. Expect that they will study.
  • Don’t pay your children for good grades and don’t punish them for bad grades.
  • Have your children bring home papers.
  • Expect this Love and Logic program to take about one year before you see good results.
  • Love and Logic parents remember that highly successful people put most of their efforts into their talents and maintain minimal standards on everything else.

Designed with busy parents in mind, 8 Simple Tools breaks each tool into five short chapters, perfect for when you only have a second. Plus, each chapter ends with a practical “Tip” section that summarizes the main point and helps you apply it right away.

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